Truck Rentals


We are an authorized U-haul dealer.

We carry a variety of truck sizes, furniture pads and dollies.

We offer a range of truck sizes for your moving needs. Click the buttons below to access U-haul’s online truck rentals page for detailed information about each vehicle. We also sell boxes and supplies for all of your moving needs. For more details, see our moving supplies section. If you have any questions or need assistance choosing a vehicle, please contact us

10ft Moving Truck
1 Bedroomoom or Studio Apt

The 10ft moving truck (the smallest truck you can also tow your car behind) is used by customers who are moving a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. The 10ft truck is the smallest box truck rental available for long distance One-Way moves and local In-Town moves. The 10ft moving truck can easily fit a king sized bed, frame, love seat, two end tables, and a four piece dining room table with spare room for boxes filled with household items.

15ft Moving Truck
1 Bedroom Home to 2 Bedroom Apt.

The 15ft moving truck is most commonly used for moving 2 bedroom apartments and condos. The 15ft truck comes with a low deck & EZ load ramp to make loading and unloading your truck easier. You can easily load a king size mattress, washer and dryer, fridge, tall or short dressers, and a 3 seater sofa in this spacious truck. Store your boxes with fragile items, like picture frames or vases, safely away in “Mom’s Attic” to protect them from any shifting cargo.

20ft Moving Truck
2 Bedroom Home / Large Condo
The 20ft moving truck is ideal for moving into a larger home. This truck is suitable for 2-3 bedroom homes or large apartments. Easily load up to two king size mattresses, a crib, tall or short dressers, a sectional sofa, a coffee table, end tables, and a 6-person dining table with chairs and you’ll still have plenty of room for boxes filled with other household items. Store your fragile items, like dishes or vases, safely away in Mom’s Attic to protect them from any shifting cargo.
26ft Moving Truck
3-5 Bedroom Homes

The 26ft moving truck is the largest truck available for moving large, 3-5 bedroom homes. This truck is equipped with a low deck and EZ-Load ramp, making it easier to load and unload your truck. You can easily fit 3 king-sized mattresses with box sets, nightstands, dressers, a sectional sofa, a recliner, a coffee table, an office desk, and both kitchen and a washer and dryer. Safely store fragile items in Mom’s Attic to protect them from shifting cargo.